Gone Fishing! OR Fishing GONE!

Posted By brandonevans on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 in Hot News , Member News , Featured , Course Conditions

Fishing in our lakes can cause each of us lots of $$$$. When the lines break off they get tangled in the pumps and that generates a costly repair. When you “catch and release” you are not helping rid our lakes of fish that need to be removed. When you catch the algae eaters, you reduce the ability to keep the algae down.

For these reasons, we are prohibiting all fishing in our lakes. If you see someone fishing in our lakes, please call the pro shop so we may personally address the issue with the individual(s).

Thank you Members/Owners for your understanding and assistance in this issue. It takes a Village to keep our fairways, fountains, and lakes in tip top shape.

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