Westbrook Village

Winter Rough Cart Guidelines

Please Avoid Driving in the Rough if at all Possible
    • If your ball is in the rough, but close to the fairway, park in the fairway and walk to the ball.
    • If your ball is far in the rough, please use strict 90 degree. (Do not drive vertically down the rough when not necessary)
    • You may not drive in any grass within 30 yards of the green. (Cart Paths Only 30 Yards and In)
    • Those with handicap flags are NOT allowed to drive in the rough near tee boxes and green, but may drive to 10 yards from greens in the fairway.
    • Please use common sense and please don't drive in any areas that are muddy, overly wet or visibly worn.

With temperatures no longer favoring the Bermuda grass we are asking everyone to LIMIT driving in the dormant non over seeded turf.  Overdriving in the non over seeded areas will cause the dormant grass to become unplayable. We will be posting signs to remind everyone and the golf shop staff will be making a daily announcement. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

Thank You,
David Escobedo, GCS

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Lakes: 19260 N. Westbrook Parkway
Vistas: 18823 N. Country Club Parkway

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Upcoming Events
  • 01.26 - MGA @ Vistas 9AM TT
  • 01.26 - Village 9'er Event (3PM SG)
  • 01.27 - XXIO Demo Day at Vistas
  • 01.28 - 9-Hole Couples @ Lakes-Front
  • 01.28 - 18-Hole Couples @ Lakes