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Congratulations Kris Desmarais, Class A PGA Professional!

Westbrook Village Golf Club has one amazing staff and our credentials have just gone up. Our very own, Kris Desmarais, has recently passed the final stage of the PGA Apprentice program to join John McCahan (25 years) and Brandon Evans (12 years), as a fellow PGA Professional representing Westbrook Village Golf Club.

The path to becoming a PGA Professional is a lot of work, requiring an entry qualifying test, a professional playing ability test (PAT), three levels of workbooks, three trips to Florida for level testing/seminars (24 tests in total) and many years of work experience, which must be in different areas of the golf industry. All of this must occur within eight years of starting the program.

Kris joined the WBVGC team just over five years ago in August of 2013. Originally from Manchester, New Hampshire, he has worked at clubs across the country. His work experience includes Anchorage Golf Course in Alaska, Wentworth by the Sea in New Hampshire and just across the street at Union Hills. Kris is married to Liz and they have a four year old boy, Gavin. As an avid runner, he spends many of his days off competing in marathons around the state. He is also a walking sports encyclopedia biased towards the New England area. When you need anything New England sports related, search Kris instead of Google.

The past five years, Kris has been a great part of the WBVGC team and we are all truly proud of his accomplishment of becoming a Class A PGA Professional!

Next time you see Kris, please take moment to congratulate him on his accomplishment and thank him for helping to make WBVGC extra special!

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