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Superintendent Update: January 8th

Due to the lower than normal temperatures the last few weeks we have seen some of the fairways turn yellow, more so at the Vistas than the RJP Lakes. This is due to the Bermuda (summer) grass that was stimulated by the rain prior to overseeding. The Vistas GC was over seeded two days after a significant rain in 70 degree temperatures. Unfortunately the rain and humidity promoted the Bermuda grass after the fairways had been prepared for seed. This created a competition between the winter rye grass and Bermuda grass. When temperatures get cold and below freezing, the areas where the Bermuda grass is prevalent will go dormant and turn yellow just like the rough. Although this is not a serious agronomical issue it does make the fairways look less than desirable.

The forecast for the next several days is for the temperatures to begin warming up and with a few fertilizer applications, we should see things green up again. The upside to the issue is that we should have a very good transition this spring with the amount of Bermuda grass on the fairways.

I hope this information was helpful and hope everyone enjoys the rest of the season.

David Escobedo, Head Superintendent

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