Westbrook Village

Local Rules

Out of Bounds

  • Maintenance yards, Driving Range, inside edges of sidewalks bordering the streets and the inside edge of property walls are all considered out of bounds.
  • On Hole #5, of the Vistas course, the area to the right side of the cart path, defined by the white line, is also out of bounds.

Abnormal Course Conditions (ACC)

  • Areas marked or deemed ACC are free relief at nearest point of complete relief plus one club length or use the optional drop zone where available.
  • Drop zones are available on Vistas Hole #2 & #13 and Lakes Hole #2.
  • Rocks formed to create drainage areas and maintenance repairs are considered ACC.
  • Cart paths and pump houses are immovable obstructions including shrubs, plantings, and bricks immediately around them.

Xeriscape ("Desert") Edge Relief

  • Any player whose ball lies within 6” of the Xeriscaped collar (desert meets the grass) may take optional free relieve using rule 16-1b. ACC. The ball may be marked, lifted, cleaned, and dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relief.

Embedded Ball

  • When a ball is embedded “In the General Area” the player may take free relief, one club length of the original lie, but, not nearer the hole.

Animal Droppings Relief

  • Animal Droppings (ie  duck, coyote, geese, etc.) may be treated as a loose impediment or ACC. Local rule F-12. The player may take free relief, one club length of the original lie, but, not nearer the hole.

Out of Bounds/Lost Ball Rule E-5

  • Out of bounds local rule E-5. is an option, for stroke and distance for a ball that is LOST or OUT OF BOUNDS.
  • Relief is from where it is known or virtually certain to be lost or where it went out of bounds, all the way to the nearest fairway plus two club lengths, no closer to the hole plus two stroke penalty.
  • This option may only be used If a provisional ball was not put in to play or if the provisional ball was also lost or OB.
  • This option may NOT be used with an unplayable lie.
  • Local rule E-5 will be an option for all regular weekly games.
  • Notice must be given to all players in Tournaments or rounds where this option local rule E-5 is withdrawn.
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We are a semi-private (membership based, but open to the public) Arizona golf club providing an amazing experience for your golf lifestyle.

RJP Lakes: 19260 N. Westbrook Parkway
Vistas: 18823 N. Country Club Parkway

Phone: +1 623 566 4548 - Contact Us

Upcoming Events
  • 12.06 - 18-Hole Couples @ Vistas
  • 12.06 - 9-Hole Couples @ The Vistas Front
  • 12.07 - Weekend Men @ Vistas
  • 12.10 - 18-Hole Ladies @ Vistas
  • 12.10 - 9-Hole Ladies @ Vistas