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Well Update and Lakes Opening Thursday 10/24

Westbrook Village Golf Members,

The Lakes well experienced what was initially thought to be a pump-motor issue. In researching the motor issue, it has been discovered to actually be well-casing issues. The repair on the well will take 4-6 weeks. This timeframe means there will be no water from the well which will create low water levels at the Lakes.

The City of Peoria will provide water via the use of a hydrant as we have done in the past. Additionally, we will be transferring water from the Vistas course to the Lakes via a water truck. These two temporary water sources will raise the level of the water in the lakes and enable us to provide water to our water users and course.

We are going to use water sparingly at the Lakes until the well repairs are completed. There will be no overseed for the next three weeks. At that time we will evaluate the well repair progress along with the temperatures and forecasts to determine which areas we will be able to overseed.

We are going to open the Lakes course immediately, Thursday, October 24th through Friday, November 15th with no cart restrictions. The Vistas schedule has not changed and will open on Saturday, October 26th with cart paths only until approximately Saturday, November 2nd. While both courses are open the Lakes course will have limited play hours.

If you are already on the tee-sheet for the Vistas and would like to switch to the Lakes, please contact the Golf Shops.

We will be resurfacing the Lakes parking lot from Monday, October 28th through Thursday October 31st. During this time, you will not be able to drive on or park in the Lakes Parking lot. This also means there will only be one entrance and exit to the golf shop (cart path from hole 18 between the lake and the restaurant). Please use caution when entering and exiting the course during this time.

The Lakes Sunset Bistro will have limited service and staffing over the next week as they were originally scheduled to be closed. The Sunset Bistro will open at 3pm on Thursday, October 24th and they will be closed October 30th and 31st. Otherwise their standard hours of operation will apply.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Enjoy the long runs and fast greens over at the Lakes!

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