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Lakes Overseed Update - Starting Partial Overseed Friday

WELL REPAIR:  All is going as expected.  The 14 inch liner has been ordered.  The pipes from the well have been removed and relocated in order to prepare to remove 60 feet of accumulated sediment and rock at the bottom of the well (800 feet down).

WATER:  We have been given access to a second City of Peoria hydrant and we continue to supply water to the Lakes Course through City of Peoria hydrants and rented water trucks.


Now that we have access to two City of Peoria hydrants and rented water trucks, the water level at the Lakes is beginning to rise. These new sources only provide adequate water to overseed the tee boxes and areas surrounding the greens. With the pump repair completion 4-6 weeks away, it has been determined the best chance at a partial overseed will be now. We will begin spreading seed immediately with watering to begin Friday, November 1st.  The fairways and greens will be watered and maintained, but not overseeded.

Key Factors Involved

  • The well completion is 3-5 weeks away (End of November/Beginning of December)
  • The weather window is beginning to close in on us.
  • Lower temps (50-60 degree range) makes seed germination much slower.
  • Overseeding requires much more water than typical course maintenance.
  • The HOAs are beginning to reduce their water usage as their overseeding progresses.
  • Current water access in not adequate for a full overseed.
  • Overseeding tee boxes and areas around the greens will better protect them from the heavy use as the seed will be able to germinate in filled divots.

LAKES CLOSING/OPENING SCHEDULE:  The Lakes course will close on Friday, November 1st with the plan to reopen on Saturday, November 16th.

The Lakes Restaurant (Sunset Bistro) will be closed on October 30th & 31st. It will be open for business while the Lakes Course is closed.   

We will be giving weekly updates on the well, the water and the Lakes. Meanwhile, thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


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