Westbrook Village

Golf Course Maintenance Update

With the New Year upon us I would like to update everyone on course conditions.

The Lakes GC is beginning to show signs of wear. I am not surprised to see this with the amount of frost we have had thus far. With temperatures gradually creeping into the 70’s in the next few days, growth of new leaves will begin. We will also be fertilizing more frequently in the upcoming weeks to increase new growth and increase the strength of the existing grass plant.  The key to all of this though is the temperatures. The warmer it gets the healthier the golf course will be. In the meantime we will continue to do everything within our power to assist in the growth process.

The Vistas GC is doing well taking into consideration the amount of cart traffic and extra play it has seen the last few months. The Vistas GC has also seen a significant decrease in growth the last few weeks due to the cold temperatures. Like the Lakes GC, the Vistas will benefit tremendously from the 70 degree temperatures.

With the amount of extra play we are seeing I would like to ask everyone to keep your groups to two carts per foursome. The fewer carts that are on the golf courses the less traffic wear there will be.

With that being said I appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience. It won’t be long before we can wear shorts and enjoy the warm days again.

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We are a semi-private (membership based, but open to the public) Arizona golf club providing an amazing experience for your golf lifestyle.

RJP Lakes: 19260 N. Westbrook Parkway
Vistas: 18823 N. Country Club Parkway

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Upcoming Events
  • 02.19 - MGA Championship Day 2 @ Lakes 9:00AM
  • 02.19 - Village 9'ers @ Lakes (2PM)
  • 02.20 - Range Closed @ Lakes
  • 02.21 - 18-Hole Couples @ Vistas (AM Shotgun)
  • 02.21 - 9-Hole Couples @ The Lakes Back