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GCM Update: Summer Transition is Near!

With the summer transition from cool season to warm season grass nearing I would like to let everyone in on what to expect this year.

We will be applying a herbicide to all over seeded areas on the second week of May. This is a tentative date. Weather conditions are important and cooler temperatures will delay the application of the herbicide. Once applied, the herbicide will remove the winter rye in a matter of days. We will then fertilize these areas frequently and increase the irrigation to stimulate Bermuda grass growth. While this is occurring there will be some brown areas as the golf courses go from winter to summer grass. Just like a snake shedding its skin is a process, so is the golf course shedding one grass for another. How quickly the Bermuda grass will fill in will heavily depend on the weather, irrigation, and fertility. There are no overnight solutions when transitioning a golf course. The fact that we lowered mowing heights in early February put us ahead of the game. By lowering the mowing heights we allowed plenty of sun light into the dormant Bermuda canopy which allowed it to remain alive in the cold months thus promoting a faster healthier spring green up. 

We will continue to stay on the cutting edge of GCM practices that are efficient and effective. I will keep you posted as the process continues.

Sincerely ,

David Escobedo

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