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Lakes Putting Green Project

Pardon our mess!  Construction at the Lakes Practice Area.

What are Ray Melton and Rick Walker, BoD Greens and Grounds Directors, and Jose Murillo, Assistant Superintendent and David Escobedo, Superintendent, discussing at the Lakes Practice Area?
It is the design and schedule of the new improved practice green at the Lakes Course to commence construction next week. That’s right.  Flatter and larger (approximately 12,000 sq ft).   It has been on the planning block for over 3 years, but funds just could not come available from the annual budget with all the other “needs” versus “wants”.  This is the first of a three phase upgrade of the Lakes Practice Area.  Phase 2 and 3 include moving the tee boxes back to provide more space for range practice and healing, and lowering the chipping area.  The entire area has been designed so each phase can be completed independent of each other, but finish with the original draw.  All that has been needed was the money!
Ray Melton jumped in with a passion to get the practice green funds so we could get this long overdue “nice to have” project started this year.  Ray asked other members if they had the same passion and desire to see a new practice green and, if so, would they chip in and cover the cost of doing this.  Within three days Ray had the money in hand.  Here are the folks that did not hesitate to donate to the new Lakes Practice Green:

Chuck & Jody Bartunek
Al & Marian Curtis
Rick & Merlene Davis
Dennis & Caron Harper
Don & Nelda Harper
Bob & Vicki Ingram
Jim & Kolleen McKenna
Ray & Carol Melton
Tom & Anne Pratt
Jill Riedel
Rick & Brenda Walker

Work has already begun by staging the 90/10 dirt over by the tennis courts.  Four palm trees will be removed and digging up the existing green will begin Tuesday 5/26.  The 90/10 dirt will be mixed with the dirt dug up from the existing green.  If you want to know more about how important it is to use the right dirt click here.

We will temporarily close the three hitting stations to the right of the #1 tee box so that we can transport dirt from the green to the back of the driving range through this area. We will be laying plywood down in this area to avoid rutting and as much damage as possible. We will also be stock piling the soil underneath the existing green on the concrete here so we may reuse it. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience this causes but this whole process will allow us to move as efficiently as possible.

This is my first story and will serve as a heads up to the construction and let you in on what is happening.  I will be writing stories and taking pictures along the build.  So watch for updates and information articles so we can all watch and learn.  Meanwhile, a very special thank you to those that willingly provided the funds for this improvement to the Lakes Practice Area, Phase I, Practice Green upsize and reshape. And a special cheer to Ray for using his passion to move a dream to reality.
Jill Riedel
President, WBVGC BoD
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