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WBVGC Lakes Well - Let's Dig It! - Site Selection

Let’s Dig It!
Site Selection!
Updates for Building the Lakes Well!

The “Let’s Dig It” articles will be dedicated to keeping the membership and community informed as the new Well construction gets underway. Detailed water well information in the “Let’s Dig It” articles are excerpts from the text “The Art of Water Wells” by Marvin Glotfelty, Clear Creek Associates’ Principal Hydrogeologist and our Consultant/Project Manager for the construction of the Lakes Well.
Where will the Well be located?

The current Well site is in the middle of the courtyard of Village Square.  Village Square was built around the old Well.  Each time Well repairs occurred, big rigs had to enter through the courtyard where casings, liners, pipes, pumps, etc were placed on the adjacent ground area. Over the last several years, the Village Square residents have been most understanding with the noise and mess that came with those repairs. Therefore, a new Well site not only considered the construction and future repair needs, but the respect of neighboring homes and the community at large.
The new Well location, as required by Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), must be within 660’ from the existing Well location.  That meant somewhere in this circle.
How does one determine the site location?
It begins with the 660’ radius from the existing Well.  Pulling water from the aquifer, which is complex to say the least, also brings with it below-ground considerations that are not apparent from the ground level. I won’t try to explain the aquifer in these articles for there is abundant information available on the internet via a google search of “Arizona Aquifers”. Clear Creek Associates conducted the required Well Site Study, Well Impact/Spacing Study, and Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) permitting process for replacement Well construction. Suffice it to say, it requires a lot of discussion and state permits to settle on the site that will provide water to the golf course and community into the future years.  
The area located between the tennis courts and Westbrook Parkway, of which is Golf Club property with an agreement between the Club and the HOA for its use for the Tennis Courts and horseshoe pits, fell inside the 660’ circle. The BoD, our consultant and the pump company zeroed in on the best alternative within our restrictions and needs.  Right in the middle of the existing horseshoe pits!
How do we get the water from the Well to the lake?

Underground 12” discharge pipes will cross the parking lot entryways, down the sidewalk, cross the cart path and into the lake. 18” conduit pipes were placed under the parking lot entryways in order to slide the 12”discharge pipes through and under the asphalt. 
What will the Well area in the new site look like when it is complete?

An 8’ privacy wall, approximately 30’x20’, will surround the location of the Well and Well equipment. Two of the four sides will be masonry stuccoed walls and the remaining two sides will be 12’ maintenance gates. The gates will face the parking lot and the tennis courts. The area between the tennis courts and the gate will be xeriscaped for the purpose of a staging area for repair equipment with easy access to the Well. At the parking lot gate, there will be a ramp curb for truck/rig access to the Well.  Corner pillars (like at Village Square) will be located at each corner. All sides and the top of the wall will be painted Stone Beige to match existing walls on Westbrook Parkway. The 8’ wall will provide the necessary height for hiding Well equipment, security and noise abatement. The HOA and the Golf Club are working together to relocate the horseshoe pits and once they are reinstalled and the wall complete, the use of trees, shrubs, bushes etc. will enhance the beauty of this area. 
As you might guess, this is much more complicated than simply digging a hole in the ground. Basically we dig a hole to get to the water under the surface and then we use a pump to pull the water to the surface. This is done by drilling a Borehole (1000’ deep),  securing the earth with a metal casing, filler and concrete, and finally installing a Pump. These are two significantly different components working in harmony to provide maximum gallons of water flow per minute in the least amount of time.  Clear Creek Associates will design the water well that will meet our needs in the site selected.  That will be our next “Let’s Dig It” article.  Well Design and What to Expect.
Meanwhile, this is an exciting time for Westbrook Village and the Golf Club.  With this new Well, we have the ability to continue the Water Lease Program with our Village HOAs and continue to have a consistent and uninterrupted water supply source for the Lakes Golf Course for years to come. Westbrook Village Golf Club members (owners) are residents of the Village too.  Our property values are tightly linked with the success of the Golf Club. Originating HOA documents prohibit financial support from our HOA funds.  However, if each home donated just $100 a year, the Golf Club and our Community would be partners in ensuring continued property value growth. Your donations would support the costs of the water features, trees, plants, xeriscape projects, and the Well,  just to name a few. Checks may be mailed to Westbrook Village Golf Club, 19260 N. Westbrook Pkwy, Peoria, Arizona 85382. 
The Club thanks those residents who recently made donations. We hope every home owner in Westbrook Village recognizes how important it is we work in harmony, like the Well and the pump, for the future of our community.  
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