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3TV News Interviews Member, Ralph Sleeper after shooting 74 at age 94

Mark McClune of AZ Family Recently Interviewed Member Ralph Sleeper

Mark McClune's interview with our member, myth and legend, Ralph Sleeper aired Tuesday at 9:50PM on Channel 3. The piece will air periodically on Channel 3 and Channel 5.

Mark McClune of AZ Family came out to Westbrook Village Golf Club this past week to interview our member, Ralph Sleeper, for his recent feat of shooting 74 at the age of 94 which just missed being a the Guinness World Records. During the interview it was discovered that he actually shot 73 a couple weeks prior to this 74.

If you don't know Ralph, you are probably one of our many new members, don't worry you will meet him soon. Ralph is not only a genuine great individual, but he is quite amazing at golf and most everything he does. It is not uncommon for his day to be 7AM pickleball, 10AM 18-holes of golf, 3:30PM 9-Holes with the Beer Boys and then an evening game of pickleball to round it off. No.. this is not an exaggeration. Oh... and did we mention that he often walks 9-holes during all this and still hits it over 200 yards!

Make sure to watch or record 3TV this evening around 9:50PM. It is sure to be a great piece on our amazing member Ralph Sleeper.

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