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Thursday Play will be Members Only - No Guests until further notice

Thursday Play will be Members Only with no guests until further notice

We are now in the witching months of January and February where the day is too short, the mornings are cold and we have our peak membership.

Beginning next Thursday, January 15th, Thursday play will be “Members Only”no guests allowed before 2:30PM until further notice. This is only for Thursdays at the moment, as we are attempting to accommodate member requests before dark.

This past Thursday we had requests for 111 tee-times and on the day of play we had 112 tee-times (56 at each course). We implemented a “Plan A” frost delay which caused a few groups from the draw to not be able to finish before dark.

Plan A & Plan B

During a Plan A frost delay we push all tee-times back throughout the day. During a Plan B frost delay we cut and move the times that are within the frost delay to a position of where they may only play 9 holes (if possible). Charter leagues will never be cut during frost delays. If a date is scheduled for a Plan B and we are able to accommodate all play by pushing back we will skip the Plan B.

With the cold (frost) mornings and short daylight, it may not be possible to place all tee-times in a position that can finish, especially if the start time is at 8:15 or later. Crossovers may not be possible as we do not have enough carts or cart storage to accommodate crossover play while we are allowing single riders. In addition, with a crossover during our short hour months, delays cause twice the amount of times pushed in to darkness or cut during a Plan B.

The next Thursday which forces a delay will be “Plan B” unless all groups from the draw would finish with a “Plan A”. Below is the current status for each day of play and can be monitored in the “Members” section of the Club website.

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