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Greens and Grounds Update - New Vistas Lake Screen

We recently had a few divers come out and inspect the 30 year old intake screen at the Vistas GC. The intake screen surrounds the pipe that is under water in the pond near #5 green at the Vistas GC. It prevents trash and debris from entering the intake pipe when the irrigation system waters the golf course. Without it, debris can enter the pipe and severely damage the pumps and motors that power the irrigation system. In recent months, we had been finding more and more small debris in the irrigation lines which made it obvious there was a problem. We called BTB which is a diving outfit that specializes in this type of work. After they came out and inspected the old screen it was decided to replace the old screen with a new one. This was done last week. Since the new screen was installed we have no longer encountered debris in the irrigation system.

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