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Greens and Grounds Update - Beehive Removal at Vistas

Last night we were able to remove a large bee hive 20 ft up in a pine tree next to the Vistas Putting Green thanks to Rob Ungvary owner and operator of Blooming Ranch. Rob has been a beekeeper for over 20 years and is our goto guy when we have bee issues on the golf courses. He was able to remove the hive with the help of a boom lift. Rob normally brings a bee box and relocates the queen bee into the box. After relocating the queen, Rob will return several hours later to find the entire colony in the box because the colony will follow the scent of the queen and go where she goes. He then hauls them away to a safer location.

However, last night was a little different and Rob had to use a vacuum to remove the entire colony from the tree including the queen. He felt it was too difficult to find the queen in a hive this large and in a location was very difficult to get to. Rob said the bees in this particular hive were extremely aggressive, but he was still able to get them into his vacuum and haul them away.

With that been said, I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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