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Vistas Well Repair FAQ

We understand many of our members have questions about well repairs so we are compiling a list of FAQs:
How long will the well be down?
We expect it to be down for two to three weeks assuming the repairs are limited to replacing the well pump.
Can’t we just irrigate using City hydrant water?
A fire-hydrant supply is approximately 250 gallons per minute. The Vistas’ well, when operating a full capacity, can pump 1,000 gallons per minute. There’s a mismatch with supply and demand. A hydrant just can’t supply all our irrigation needs to properly water the golf course in the summer.
Can’t we use the Lakes well for supply?
The Lakes and Vistas irrigation systems are not interconnected. Lakes’ water could only be moved to Vistas via tanker trucks, a method that’s not practical considering the short-time the well is to be down. Tankers were used to move water from Vistas to Lakes a couple of years ago while we drilled a new well, but this was employed because of the lengthy time the Lakes well was unavailable.
Is City water expensive?
It costs $4.62 per 1,000 gallons for irrigation water. With the amount of water a golf course requires, it is expensive to use City water to adequately irrigate a golf course.
Do we have the money to make repairs?
Yes, the Asset Protection Fund (APF) is currently funded at $500,000. This is more than adequate to fund the repairs assuming they are as we expect.
Can you perform preventative maintenance on a well?
There are certain aspects of a well that allow for preventative maintenance. The well motor that drives the pump is above ground and accessible, as are the motor controls. Unfortunately, the pump is located 700-feet below the surface and is inaccessible unless the well is taken down. It takes several days to remove the pump just to view it. Unfortunately, it is impractical to periodically remove a pump without cause.
How will course conditions change?
Mowing heights on fairways, tees and greens will be raised so less water is needed to keep the grass alive. The grass on the entire course may begin to to discolor. The course will play dry and fast from tee to green.
Why did the pump fail?
We could speculate but we will find out soon enough. Once the pump is removed and disassembled, we will have a definitive answer.

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