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Vistas Well Pump Update - 6/14/22

Since their arrival Monday morning, Empire Pump has made great progress on the well repairs.  The well pump has been pulled out of the well as of today, Tuesday, June 14.  It will now be transported to Empire’s shop in Phoenix where it will be disassembled and reviewed to determine the cause of the failure. A thorough report on its condition is expected on Friday. 

Also on Friday, Longmire Well Repair will perform a video scan of the well casing. The scan allows for a visual inspection of the 700-foot-deep casing and should be helpful in learning if any part of the casing needs repair before the new pump is installed. 
A new well pump is already ready at Empire’s shop. We just need to confirm the casing’ condition and if any repairs are needed prior to installation.
In the mean-time, we continue to water the Vistas course with almost 500,000 gallons of water a day using City of Peoria fire-hydrant water. The golf course is holding up well and we plan to continue spot watering areas that need it. A second hydrant supply will be connected on Thursday by the City of Peoria. This will provide us with the possibility of increasing the daily watering rate to the typical 850,000 gallons used during summer transition from rye to bermuda if needed.
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