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Vistas Well Pump Repair Update - June 22, 2022

An analysis of both the well pump’s condition and well casing has been completed and reviewed. The pump failed due to sand entering its housing. No pebbles were discovered, only small amounts of sand debris. Sand is an abrasive, it’s particularly hard on the brass pump impellers that push the irrigation water to the surface. Reviewing the video scan of the well liner, several small breaches were discovered. These breaches were more than likely the places where sand entered the well casing and then carried into the pump along with irrigation water.
Based on the analysis, it has been decided that a sand-separator be installed along with a new pump. A sand-separator is a cyclonic device that uses centrifugal force to filter debris from water prior to reaching the pump. Installing this device, according to our well experts, is our best insurance for extending pump-life given the conditions observed on the well liner.

We are awaiting the arrival of the sand-separator from the manufacturer. It’s expected in two-weeks. These things are custom-made for each well’s unique configuration, they are not off-the-shelf devices. Everything else to reassemble the well is ready at Empire’s shop in Phoenix.
In the mean-time, we continue to water the Vistas course using two City of Peoria fire-hydrant water supplies. The important parts of the course, tees, greens, and fairways, are holding up well and plan to spot watering areas that need it.
The projected restart date of the well is July 15th.
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