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This is an update to an earlier email about Annual Water Resources, Annual Overseed Resources and Water Stewardship.
Turf removal is in full swing at both courses. 

Video Flyover of Holes 3-5

The Lakes turf removal projects have currently begun on holes # 3, 4, & 5.  On the hit parade is #14 & 15.  And completed is # 18. There are other locations under design and will be submitted for approval by the HOA Architectural Control Committee.  Luckily the Club was awarded a grant from Arizona Office of Tourism and that is giving us a huge boost on what we are able to do to reduce water usage without impacting our budget.

Lakes Holes 3 & 4

Lakes Hole 5 - Before Crushed Granite

The Vistas turf removal and rock placement projects have been completed at holes # 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, & 17.  Planting of vegetation is on hold until the appropriate planting season.  Additional locations for turf removal are under design.  Unfortunately we do not have a grant to cover the expense of turf removal projects for the Vistas.  How fast we move here is tied to the annual budget.
With the completed areas of turf removal at the Vistas we are averaging a savings of 100,000 gallons of water a night at that course. That number will increase as we continue to execute the turf removal plan. While the Vistas well pump was under repair we were unable to apply an adequate supply of water to all parts of the course.  Resorting to the expensive alternative of city water to fill our ponds and lakes required the Club to restrict watering to tees, fairways and greens. I hope everyone noticed how quickly the green grass turned brown. If we don’t prepare NOW for the inevitable, we will not be able to catch up when the restrictions are put into place. Some say that is years away, some say it is nearer. WBVGC Board of Directors wish NOT to play the guessing game for both the Golf Club AND the Village will suffer from that strategy.
The purpose of the Club’s property is GOLF. Given that, there are decisions made specific to the identified area for xeriscape and low water desert landscaping on selection, type and size of plants, shrubs, trees and rock ground cover, from the perspective of the game of golf. It is our intention to stay consistent with the look that currently exists as much as possible given the requirement to remove large amounts of turf. ALL vegetation and rock will be in compliance with the HOA ACC approved lists. One exception is the use of ¼ minus rock of which is a golf industry standard and was appropriately used when both courses were constructed. We have considered the homeowners of golf course properties as much as feasible to meet AZ Department of Water Resources (ADWR) mandated reduced turf requirements. We hope our members and the homeowners understand the changes that MUST be made in moving away from “green”. We wish we could incorporate everyone’s input on the choice of design, trees and shrubs, but alas we think you understand when we say we cannot.  This is not a backyard project.  It is the caring, feeding and watering of 180 acres.
We thank you in advance for your understanding as we do what we must in water usage compliance and stewardship. 

The WBVGC Board of Directors

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