Westbrook Village

The Golf Shops are Escaping Lock Down!

The Golf Shops are Escaping Lockdown!
The Golf Shops are going to be unlocked for the first time in a couple weeks. We are only allowing 3 customers in the golf shop at a time. Please do not dilly dally inside the golf shop. Please continue to bring your own drink containers.


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We are a semi-private (membership based, but open to the public) Arizona golf club providing an amazing experience for your golf lifestyle.

RJP Lakes: 19260 N. Westbrook Parkway
Vistas: 18823 N. Country Club Parkway

Phone: +1 623 566 4548 - Contact Us

Upcoming Events
  • 05.26 - Lakes Course Closed (Maintenance)
  • 05.26 - 9-Hole Ladies @ Vistas(Front)
  • 05.26 - 18-Hole Ladies @ Vistas
  • 05.27 - Vistas Closed for Maintenance
  • 05.27 - MGA @ Vistas