Westbrook Village Golf Club has an active membership with many leagues. There are more than 40 member run and 6 club sanctioned leagues. The club sanctioned leagues include; Women’s Play (9 and 18 holes), Men’s Play (Wednesday & Weekend), and Couples Play (9 and 18 holes). There is always a game at Westbrook Village!

Ladies Associations

women_250x150Westbrook Village is very active with womens play. There are two sanctioned leagues, the 9-Holes Ladies and the 18-Hole Ladies. Both groups play on Tuesday alternating between the Lakes and the Vistas each week. The Ladies leagues will reach 120 participants in height of the Winter season. In addition, we have about 15 groups of ladies that hold weekly games, for fun and competition.


Couples Associations

couples_250x150Our couples leagues are both fun and entertaining. We have both a 9-Hole and and 18-Hole Couples league. Both leagues play on Fridays and reach about 80 couples in prime season. Both leagues alternate between the Lakes and Vistas courses with banquets and lunches at both throughout the year. The couples leagues are a great way to meet new people from the club. In addition to our club run leagues there are four other member run couples groups.


Mens Associations

men_250x150There are two different men’s leagues at Westbrook Village. We have our Men’s Golf Association (MGA) which meet and play on Wednesdays. We also have a Weekend Men’s Club that plays on Saturday morning. The Weekend Men’s Club was originally designed for those who still worked during the week, but both clubs are open to any male member who wants a good game. We also have about 15 other member run men’s groups that play throughout the week. Some have as many as 80 participants. There is always a good, fun game to be found at Westbrook Village Golf Club.


Business Associate Members