2021 Summer Cooler Card on Started May 1st

2021 Summer Cooler Card begins May 1st!

Our Summer Cooler Card is being sold starting May 1st at either Golf Shop for

$175 + tax
The pass will be usable from May1 until September 30
You may use the pass at either the Vistas or the Lakes for any person, not only the purchaser
The pass will contain 10 punches, each punch will be for 9 holes and you may use the pass any time of the day
If you are interested in converting to a prorated annual membership, please contact David Keller, 623.566.4548 ext 103 
Business Associate Members

We are a membership based Arizona golf club providing an amazing experience for your golf lifestyle.

Lakes: 19260 N. Westbrook Parkway
Vistas: 18823 N. Country Club Parkway

Phone: +1 623 566 4548 - Contact Us

Upcoming Events
  • 01.26 - MGA @ Vistas 9AM TT
  • 01.26 - Village 9'er Event (3PM SG)
  • 01.27 - XXIO Demo Day at Vistas
  • 01.28 - 9-Hole Couples @ Lakes-Front
  • 01.28 - 18-Hole Couples @ Lakes