Westbrook Village Tree Damage - 70 Trees and Counting

Posted By brandonevans on Friday, August 4th, 2017 in Hot News , Maintenance , Member News , Archived , Featured

As most of you probably already know, on July 15th at about 5:30 PM we had a microburst with 90+ mph winds that lasted about 20 minutes. The high winds downed trees, street lamps, power lines and signage for most of Westbrook Village and the Greater Peoria area. Westbrook Parkway on the Lakes side was closed until the next morning with large pine trees and street lamps that had fallen across the roadways. The RJP Estate Planning Lakes courses was closed for repairs following the storm.

Cleanup and repairs are still underway a month later and we are at more than 70 downed trees on the golf courses alone. Many homes and neighborhoods have lost some of their larger trees as well. The Clubs insurance broker is assessing the damage and will likely cover the cleanup/disposal, new trees to be planted and lost revenue from the closure and damage. Below are some some of the trees lost.

70 Trees and Counting

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