FY2020 Overseed Information

Posted By Brandon Evans II on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 in member-news , maintenance , course-conditions

Welcome to FY2020. We had an amazing summer with play and weather. Fall temperatures are finally here and it is great!

Overseed Schedule is as Follows:
Vistas will be Closed Sunday Oct 6th - Friday Oct 25th
Lakes will be Closed Monday Oct 21st - Friday Nov. 8th
Both Courses Closed Monday Oct 21st - Friday Oct 25th

David and our amazing crew started to scalp a bit early to get us back on track after last week's rains. The weather forecast is looking good for the Vistas, let's keep our fingers crossed for the Lakes in a couple weeks time.

Tomorrow, Sunday, October 6th the Vistas Course will officially close for its Overseed. The Vistas is scheduled to reopen on Saturday, October 26th. You can count on the Vistas being Cart Paths Only for at least a week after reopening.

This year David has selected a much higher grade winter rye strain. This strain is found on many North Scottsdale courses. It is always a guessing game to find the perfect grass that will have not only a great initial growth but a seamless transition once we hit the summer temperatures in May and June.

Vistas Entrance Road Work

We repaved the main parking lot this summer. Starting on Monday, October 7th we will be repaving the main entrance road into the Vistas. The Links Neighborhood Grill will be closed Monday, October 7th through Thursday, October 10th. They are hoping to open on Friday, October 11th dependent on the progress of the repaving.

Lakes Overseed to Start 10/21

At the Lakes, David is going to use the same winter rye mixture as last year, which gave a very deep green color. The pre-emergent treatment he is applying will help with both transitions during the Fall and Summer.
At both courses David is going to reintroduce a small amount of bent grass into the green's seed mixture and remove the poa annua. The bent grass should make the greens a bit smoother, which will be noticeable once we get to about Mid-December.

Both Courses will be closed Oct 21 - Oct 25
Everything is looking great for an amazing overseed!

Vistas Improvement Project Update

Posted By Brandon Evans II on Friday, September 6th, 2019 in member-news , course-conditions

As the summer winds down I would like to thank our maintenance staff for their hard work in kicking off the Vistas Improvement Project (VIP). They were able to accomplish several things during the hot summer months and pave the way for the subsequent VIP Phases.

Phase I addressed the replacement of 77 irrigation controllers. The irrigation controllers play a vital part in the watering of the Vistas GC. Our previous irrigation controllers had exceeded their life span and were definitely underperforming due to fatigue. We anticipated completing the removal of the old controllers and installation of the new controllers by mid September. Our staff irrigation specialists began the removal and installation process in early June and completed the project in early August.

Phase IV addressed the installation of the Polylast liner in our greenside bunkers at the Vistas GC.  We prioritized the order of bunker renovations over a three year period beginning this year and committed to do the work in-house to save labor expenses. Despite temps in the bunkers exceeding 110 degrees, we were able to install the liner and 4 inches of new bunker sand to the practice bunker, #4 bunker, and #5 bunker. We will do the same to the bunker on #10 and front bunker at hole #14 later this summer. 

Phase II of the VIP is the installation of dual greenside sprinklers so as to water turf and greens separately. We were exploring avenues of reducing our water usage at the Lakes GC and identified a positive outcome for the VIP Phase II.  This fall we will remove  approximately six acres of non playable turf at the Lakes GC. The removal of the six acres of turf will allow us to use approximately 160 sprinklers from the Lakes GC at the Vistas GC VIP Phase II. Each sprinkler is worth $260 if purchased new. By reusing these sprinkler heads from the Lakes GC to the Vistas GC we are able to complete both projects (dual sprinkler heads at Vistas greens and turf reduction at Lakes) for the price of one.  This is an example of having two important projects fulfilled through coordination, timing and recycling of equipment.  A real win/win for WBVGC.

A major benefit for removing non playable turf at the Lakes GC is the reduction of water usage. After attending the State of Arizona Water Summit Meeting this summer and talking to several water resource officials, it is without question that the State of Arizona will be implementing a stricter Drought Contingency Plan in the near future. I and the board feel that being proactive in this matter is the best way for us to avoid future issues as the state continues to review ways of reducing water usage to businesses such as golf courses, parks, and businesses with high water usage landscaping. We will be replacing these turf areas with low water usage trees and shrubs that will continue to provide beauty to our golf course.

With all these positive changes happening at WBVGC, it definitely is an exciting time to be a member here.

David Escobedo GCS    

Local Rules

Posted By Brandon Evans II on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 in course-conditions

Out of Bounds

  • Maintenance yards, Driving Range, inside edges of sidewalks bordering the streets and the inside edge of property walls are all considered out of bounds.
  • On Hole #5, of the Vistas course, the area to the right side of the cart path, defined by the white line, is also out of bounds.

Abnormal Course Conditions (ACC)

  • Areas marked or deemed ACC are free relief at nearest point of complete relief plus one club length or use the optional drop zone where available.
  • Drop zones are available on Vistas Hole #2 & #13 and Lakes Hole #2.
  • Rocks formed to create drainage areas and maintenance repairs are considered ACC.
  • Cart paths and pump houses are immovable obstructions including shrubs, plantings, and bricks immediately around them.

Xeriscape ("Desert") Edge Relief

  • Any player whose ball lies within 6” of the Xeriscaped collar (desert meets the grass) may take optional free relieve using rule 16-1b. ACC. The ball may be marked, lifted, cleaned, and dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relief.

Embedded Ball

  • When a ball is embedded “In the General Area” the player may take free relief, one club length of the original lie, but, not nearer the hole.

Animal Droppings Relief

  • Animal Droppings (ie  duck, coyote, geese, etc.) may be treated as a loose impediment or ACC. Local rule F-12. The player may take free relief, one club length of the original lie, but, not nearer the hole.

Out of Bounds/Lost Ball Rule E-5

  • Out of bounds local rule E-5. is an option, for stroke and distance for a ball that is LOST or OUT OF BOUNDS.
  • Relief is from where it is known or virtually certain to be lost or where it went out of bounds, all the way to the nearest fairway plus two club lengths, no closer to the hole plus two stroke penalty.
  • This option may only be used If a provisional ball was not put in to play or if the provisional ball was also lost or OB.
  • This option may NOT be used with an unplayable lie.
  • Local rule E-5 will be an option for all regular weekly games.
  • Notice must be given to all players in Tournaments or rounds where this option local rule E-5 is withdrawn.

Winter Rough Cart Guidelines

Posted By Brandon Evans II on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 in hot-news , course-conditions

Please Avoid Driving in the Rough if at all Possible
    • If your ball is in the rough, but close to the fairway, park in the fairway and walk to the ball.
    • If your ball is far in the rough, please use strict 90 degree. (Do not drive vertically down the rough when not necessary)
    • You may not drive in any grass within 30 yards of the green. (Cart Paths Only 30 Yards and In)
    • Those with handicap flags are NOT allowed to drive in the rough near tee boxes and green, but may drive to 10 yards from greens in the fairway.
    • Please use common sense and please don't drive in any areas that are muddy, overly wet or visibly worn.

With temperatures no longer favoring the Bermuda grass we are asking everyone to LIMIT driving in the dormant non over seeded turf.  Overdriving in the non over seeded areas will cause the dormant grass to become unplayable. We will be posting signs to remind everyone and the golf shop staff will be making a daily announcement. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

Thank You,
David Escobedo, GCS

Request for Divot Repair Team Volunteers

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Robert Jungbluth and Dwight Groves will be assembling their divot repair teams again this winter and are looking for volunteers to assist in keeping our courses beautiful.

RJP Lakes Divot Repair Team Contact
Robert Jungbluth
507 363 9004.

Vistas Divot Repair Team Contact
Dwight Groves
507 573 2935

Help keep your courses looking beautiful!

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