Update from David, Head Golf Course Superintendent

Posted By Brandon Evans on Thursday, August 9th, 2018 in member-news , maintenance , course-conditions

After a lengthy cleanup process, the number of trees lost in the recent storm totaled twenty-one. Fortunately, no one was injured in the storm and to be quite honest with you, it could have been much worse. Most of the cleanup involved removing fallen trees and broken branches. Unlike last year, we were able to do most of the tree removal work ourselves thanks to the John Deere 310SG Loader that the club recently purchased for the maintenance program. A year ago, this was not have been the case. We did however have Groundskeeper assist us in removing eight downed trees this year at the Vistas GC while our maintenance staff handled the removal of thirteen downed trees at the RJP Lakes GC with the Loader. Our goal after these storms is to get the golf courses in playing shape as rapidly as possible and I truly feel the new Loader will allow us to do that.

On another note I’ve been asked why some of our fairways and roughs have so many weeds. That is a very good question and I am not sure I have a solid answer. Many golf course superintendents around town believe the unusually high humidity we have had this summer is a contributing factor. But truth be told, no one knows for sure. The culprit we have been fighting all summer is a very clumpy and intrusive summer weed called Goosegrass. We have been applying post-emergent herbicides to control the weed. Unfortunately, we have only seen marginal results with the herbicide applications. I am developing a pre-emergent herbicide program for next spring that will prevent the Goosegrass from emerging. I am told by others who have fought Goosegrass in the past that an aggressive pre-emergent program is better a option than a postemergent program.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and we look forward to a great upcoming season.

David Escobedo
Head Golf Course Superintendent

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