Superintendents Update: Overseed Schedule

Posted By brandonevans on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 in Hot News , Maintenance , Member News , Featured


We will begin verticutting the fairways at the Vistas this week and the RJP Lakes course next week. This light dethatching process is usually done in late July or early August. However, due to the storm clean up we had to move the process back. This dethatching process is to remove excess thatch below the grass canopy. It is highly important to remove the excess thatch because it affects the quality of the mowing cut, prevents adequate water infiltration, and can harbor harmful turf grass insects and disease. We have a bit more thatch than normal due to this years abnormal humidity and rain.

Please be advised we have switched the courses from the prior overseeding schedule.

New Overseed Schedule

Vistas Prep Begins Sept. 18th
Vistas Closed Oct. 2nd-20th
Vistas Reopens Oct. 21st

Lakes Prep Begins Oct. 2nd
Lakes Closed Oct. 16th - Nov. 3rd
Lakes Reopens Nov. 4th 

When we start to prep each course, we will begin the gradual lowering of mowing heights and dramatically reduce water output. The courses will begin to turn brown during this process to help our overseed thrive.

Don't be alarmed by the color as, you will hit the longest drives of the year and be welcomed to lush green turn when we reopen. We truly appreciate your patience and cooperation.

David Escobedo, GCS

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