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GCM Update: Summer Transition is Near!

With the summer transition from cool season to warm season grass nearing I would like to let everyone in on what to expect this year.

We will be applying a herbicide to all over seeded areas on the second week of May. This is a tentative date. Weather conditions are important and cooler temperatures will delay the application of the herbicide. Once applied, the herbicide will remove the winter rye in a matter of days. We will then fertilize these areas frequently and increase the irrigation to stimulate Bermuda grass growth. While this is occurring there will be some brown areas as the golf courses go from winter to summer grass. Just like a snake shedding its skin is a process, so is the golf course shedding one grass for another. How quickly the Bermuda grass will fill in will heavily depend on the weather, irrigation, and fertility. There are no overnight solutions when transitioning a golf course. The fact that we lowered mowing heights in early February put us ahead of the game. By lowering the mowing heights we allowed plenty of sun light into the dormant Bermuda canopy which allowed it to remain alive in the cold months thus promoting a faster healthier spring green up. 

We will continue to stay on the cutting edge of GCM practices that are efficient and effective. I will keep you posted as the process continues.

Sincerely ,

David Escobedo

4/4/2020 - Golf Course Maintenance Update

With all the Covid 19 concerns it is easy to forget that regular maintenance practices must continue to keep our courses in good shape. One of those practices is addressing the spring invasion of Black Turfgrass Ataenius. BTAs as we refer to them are small beetles that make their presence every spring. When they arrive they will lay their eggs in the soil. Each beetle will lay several eggs that eventually hatch around the middle of May. The date of laying eggs and hatching can vary slightly from year to year. Once they hatch the larvae which are called grubs will feed on grass roots. This is not usually a problem in tees, roughs, and fairways but it can become a serious issue on the greens. The greens are mowed at a much lower height of cut than the tees, roughs, and fairways. This makes them more susceptible to insect damage.

BTA damage varies from year to year and region to region. Some parts of the country have a much worse problem with BTAs than we do here. However this year could be an exception. With close to 5 inches of rain since November most golf course superintendents I have spoken to are expecting a surge in the insect population in Az. this year. With that been said we have taken the necessary steps here at WBVGC to prevent serious grub damage by applying a systemic insecticide to the greens at both golf courses. What does a systemic insecticide do? It is absorbed by the plant without harming it. It then renders the plants parts, roots, stems, and leaves poisonous to the insects. In other words it makes the plant toxic to the invaders. The affects of a systemic insecticide will last for several weeks. We usually do an application in April and again in June. This assures a smooth summer without grub damage.

 I hope this information was educational and helpful. I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys the beautiful weather.


David Escobedo GCS

AZ "Stay at Home Order" - Golf is Allowed - Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected, Stay Golfing

Governor Ducey issues “Stay at Home Order” effective end of business day on Tuesday, 31 March 2020.  You may read the entire Executive Order here:

What does this mean to WBVGC members?
All practices that have been in place at WBVGC remain in place until further notice. Please adhere to WBVGC COVID-19 precautions and guidelines.

Governor Ducey strongly recommended Arizonans to get outside. "The weather is beautiful outside right now", Ducey said. "Find a way to get out and enjoy it with social distancing."

Westbrook Village Golf Club recommends, "Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected, Stay Golfing".

Patios at both the Links Grill and Lakes Bistro are closed. Please do not gather on the patios.


Governor Ducey was clear that outdoor activities, following physical distancing practices, are important to the health and well being for all.  
He further states in the Executive Order:
To the extent individuals are using shared or outdoor spaces when outside their residence or property for Essential Activities, they shall to the extent possible maintain physical distancing of at least six feet from any other person, consistent with guidance from the CDC. 


Our COVID-19 Precautions and Procedures are extended until further notice

We have extended the following COVID-19 precautions and procedures Until Further Notice
COVID-19 and the precautions and procedures to deal with such an emergency is new to Westbrook Village Golf Club.  We are reviewing procedures and are creating policies for today and into the future.
CDC recommendations have been to cancel events that bring groups of people together and we are seeing this happen in every industry.  Although the game of golf is 2 people in a cart, 4 people in a group, when we have cross-overs and shotguns, we have larger groups in close proximity as they check in, pay appropriate fees, and socialize after the round. Therefore, we have made changes to our current schedules and procedures with an eye on health and safety intended to reduce the number of people gathered at one time in the Pro Shop, Range areas and after round gatherings.

Beginning March 18th until further notice:

  • Tee-sheets will be single tee starting at 7:00AM or later. No cross-over or shotguns.
  • Tee-time requests and groups are limited to a maximum number of six (6) tee-times. This includes all large groups.
  • Charter league signups will continue for play. However, all players signed up will be randomly paired, placed on the tee sheet and there will be no game.
  • In order to reduce gatherings in the pro shop, we ask only those that need to pay for golf or intend to purchase something, enter the golf shop.
  • Members will be checked in via the windows.
  • The Pro-shop Handicap computers will be unavailable. Please post your scores online or via the GHIN phone app.
  • We will temporarily allow more than 2 carts per group if they feel it necessary. Any member requesting a WBVGC cart without the annual cart package will be required to pay a cart fee.
These are temporary procedures that will protect our members, staff and community. 
YOU don’t need a policy to ensure your safety. While we continue to review the safety procedures for our Club and the continuous changes in the COVID-19 emergency, YOU are the one that can do the most for your protection. IT IS FOR YOUR HEALTH THAT WE HAVE MADE THESE CHANGES IN THE TEE TIME ROUTINE. HELP US HELP YOU!

Thank you for your cooperation.
Your Board of Directors and Staff

Governor Ducey issues order that prohibits counties, cities and townships from closing golf courses

On Monday, March 23, Governor Ducey issued an executive order detailing “Essential Services”. This executive order is very good for WBVGC as it deems golf as an essential service. The order specifically prohibits any county, city or town from restricting or prohibiting any person from performing any function designated by either the Governor, the Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, or the Division of Emergency Management as an essential function during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Or more easily put… the City of Peoria and Maricopa County can not shut down golf courses that follow health guidelines.

Read the Full Executive Order Here

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