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Golf Course Maintenance Update

Now that November is upon us we can finally enjoy the weather we love. The golf courses are no different. The overseed at both courses went very well. We had a minor cold windy spell during the early germination process at the Vistas that slowed the growth significantly but it was immediately followed by a week of warmer temperatures that made up for the slow down.  I want to thank my staff for their tireless effort in getting the golf courses in great shape.

With that being said I would kindly like to remind everyone of the importance of filling your divots and fixing your ball marks. Divots and ball marks will not heal without the proper TLC. Filling your divots and fixing your ball marks will keep the courses in great shape for everyone to enjoy.

The Adopt a Hole program is alive and well and in need of volunteers. If you are interested in adopting a hole and would like to assist in keeping the courses beautiful please contact Robert Jungbluth at rjungbluth54@gmail.com or Dwight Groves at dwgroves8@hotmail.com

Thank you,

Volunteer for the Divot Repair Team


Robert Jungbluth and Dwight Groves will be assembling their divot repair teams again this winter and are looking for volunteers to assist in keeping our courses beautiful.

Lakes Divot Repair Team Contact
Robert Jungbluth
507 363 9004.

Vistas Divot Repair Team Contact
Dwight Groves
507 573 2935

Help keep your courses looking beautiful!

Winter Season Begins Nov 1 - New Rates, Policies, Members Only, etc...

Tomorrow is November 1st. This is a big day for WBVGC.

  1. WBVGC will be Members and their Guests Only, with a few exceptions
  2. Guest Names will be Required on Requests and Bookings
  3. The 5 Play Guest Limit is Back in Action
  4. Semi-Annual Membership Unlimited Play Starts
  5. Our Prime Winter Rates go into Effect

Notice: Thursday, November 5th will be members only for the lottery draw. With only one course open, we are limiting the draw to members only. If you intend to only play 9-holes, please select 9-holes within your request or notify the golf shop before the draw.

AnchorWBVGC will be Member and their Guests Only, with a few exceptions

Our membership has been increasing at a very positive rate which has led to a much lower availability for non-member play over the past few seasons. With the addition of the current health concerns throughout past season, the Club decided that beginning Sunday, November 1st, only Members and their Guests will be authorized to play. We will no longer accept tee-times from non-members. Additionally, the practice facilities will be reserved for members, their guests and those that are in lesson programs with our professionals. 

However, please understand that you will see non-members playing from time to time due to the following situations:

  • Gift certificates or pre-purchased rounds.
  • Private Club reciprocals.
  • Private Club Network
  • Palmers Advantage Club
  • Village 9er’s
    • Members of the Village 9’ers will be allowed to book tee-times on Friday for Sunday play after 2:30PM

*The club will monitor the effectiveness and sustainability of the members only concept and may modify the parameters throughout the season.

AnchorGuests Names will be Required on Requests and Bookings

Due to the full tee sheets during our high season we are no longer going to allow the “guest” spots on Chelsea to be left without a name.  Why?  When several tee times are made with a placeholder of “guest” and fewer actually show up to play, that leaves holes in the tee sheet and members' requests get pushed back further than needed. If you maintain a group, please have your signup deadline at least five days prior to play and names ready to submit for the draw in your request or to the golf shop. Any additional signups you may have after the deadline/draw should be waitlisted and used when you have changes.

Lottery Draw (Play Date/Request Deadline/Draw Date)

Play Date

Request Deadline

Draw Date























AnchorThe 5 Play Guest Limit is Back in Action November 1st 

In 2016 we recognized guests were playing at the guest rate in lieu of a membership. In alignment with our “Pathways to Membership Strategy”, we established a five play maximum at the guest rate. 

As in the past, the golf shop will track guests and when they reach their five plays at the guest rate (9 or 18 holes) they will be informed that any further guest play will be at the rack rate. If you have a guest that is vacationing for a period of time that may include more than five plays, please contact David Keller to inquire about a guest waiver.

FY2021 Winter Guest Rates are as follows:

  • Guest of Member
    • 9-Holes: $37+tax
    • 18-Hole: $55+tax
    • Cart Fee per seat (9/18): $10/$15+tax
  • Rack Rate (After 5 Plays)
    • 9-Holes: $48+tax
    • 18-Holes: $76+tax
    • Cart Fee per seat (9/18): $10/$15+tax

Due to policies regarding cash and limiting shop exposure, guests will be allowed to pay with Credit Card for FY2021.

AnchorSemi-Annual Membership Unlimited Play Begins November 1st

All WBVGC memberships run October 1 - September 30. This means all members can play in leagues, utilize the practice facilities and have access to our systems throughout the season. However, certain membership have periods of play where golf fees are not required:

  • Annual Membership: October 1 - September 30
  • Semi-Annual: November 1 - April 30
  • Weekend: Friday-Sunday & Holidays; October 1 - September 30
  • Monthly: 30, 60, or 90 consecutive chosen dates

AnchorPrime Season Winter Rates begin November 1

As our semi-annual membership unlimited period starts, our prime winter rates begin. Our rack rate will be utilized for guests that have exceeded their 5 plays and any non-accompanied guests from club to club reciprocal play.


Let's Dig It! - 24 Hour Drilling Begins Soon

This is the third of a series of articles dedicated to keeping the membership and community informed and safe as the new well build continues.
Up Next! 24/7 Drilling
9/30/2020 - Arizona Beeman has mobilized their drill rig to the well site.  They will continue setting up equipment through Saturday and expect to commence drilling Monday October 5th or Tuesday October 6th, at which point they will begin 24-hours-per-day operations.  Once drilling has begun in earnest, Clear Creek will have personnel onsite regularly to assure adherence to the Technical Specifications and to describe and log drilled lithologic cuttings.
What was accomplished prior to rig mobilization. Updates provided by Clear Creek Associates.
9/23/2020 - Surface casing installation commenced today, as planned at the Water Well No. 2 drill site. A 42-inch borehole was drilled to a depth of 39 feet using an auger drill rig (Photo 1). A 40-ft joint of 34-inch diameter steel casing was then hoisted over and lowered into the borehole (Photo 2), such that approximately 1-2 feet of casing remained above ground level. Finally, the annular space between the 42-inch borehole wall and 34-inch casing was filled with a cement slurry (Photo 3). Once the far larger rotary drill rig is onsite, drilling of the pilot borehole will commence at a depth of 39 feet (from the bottom of this surface casing) using a 16- or 17-inch diameter bit.
A total of 12 cubic yards of cement were installed today. One additional load of cement will be delivered and installed tomorrow morning in order to top off the cement seal - the sand and gravel sediments adjacent to the borehole were slightly more porous and absorbent than what was assumed when estimating the necessary volume. Arizona Beeman should finish installing the sound panels and perimeter fencing by Friday, and they anticipate being ready to bring the drill rig onsite early next week.

9/24/2020 - The surface casing cement seal was successfully installed to the designed level this morning using an additional 5 cubic yards of cement grout. AZ Beeman will continue installation of sound panels and security fencing through tomorrow, and we still anticipate the mobilization of the drill rig early next week.

9/28/2020 - Arizona Beeman has successfully installed sound-dampening panel walls around the drill site and is currently mobilizing equipment. They anticipate moving the drill rig onsite tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday. Depending on onsite progress over the next couple of days, we should soon have an estimate on when drilling will commence.

The areas in gray depict the completed processes from the Flow Chart for Drilling A Well.

Informational Video

September Superintendent's Update: Overseed and Cart Restrictions

As the summer comes to an end, we will begin prepping the Lakes GC at the end of this month for overseeding. This will include the normal dethatching process of tees and fairways and the reduction of irrigating. We will prep the greens at the Lakes for overseeding when the golf course closes on October 5.
The same process will occur at the Vistas GC on the first week of October. The Vistas GC will follow the same procedure as the Lakes GC and we will prep the greens for overseed when it closes on October 19th.

Needless to say, 2020 has been a unique year in many ways and the golf industry is no exception. This trait will continue when we open both golf courses after overseeding. With double the amount of cart traffic expected at both courses due to COVID concerns, it will be necessary to adopt unique golf cart restrictions. After the overseed our cart path only restrictions will be a little longer than in the past. After the course wide cart path only restrictions, we will continue with two days a week at both courses that will be cart path only. These restrictions are essential for the survival of the winter rye grass. Without these restrictions it will be a matter of weeks before the ryegrass will be worn down to the nubs and the grass will begin to disappear. Roping and cart traffic signs will not solve the issue because the carts will continue to wear the designated areas and in the months of December through February the grass does not recover from cart or mower traffic. Giving it a short break from the wear and tear of four golf carts per foursome will be critical in keeping the rye grass healthy during these months.

Double the carts is not double the fun.
Read the USGA Article on COVID Cart Traffic

We have planned two extra fertilizer applications in the winter to improve the resilience of the turf but when temperatures are low there is not much we can do to stimulate growth.  Temperatures will dictate how much the grass can recover from the extra cart traffic.
Keep in mind this is not just a WBVGC issue. This is a concern of every golf facility manager around the valley. Some facilities are talking about closing a course one or two days per week. I do not believe we have to go there.
These restrictions will be flexible if the weather and growth allows, but our goal is to protect the golf courses so that they remain in good shape and are enjoyable for everyone.
With that being said, I hope everyone has a safe and happy remainder of their September.

David Escobedo GCS

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