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Men's Member/Guest (Deadline April 1)

Open to all Men Members (Deadline Moved to April 1st)

2019 Westbrook Golf Club Men’s Member-Guest Tournament
Sponsored by the Weekend Men’s Club
Vistas Golf Course

This year’s event we will be using a 45 hole round robin style format.  We will have 8 flights of 6 teams and you will play each of those teams once in a 9 hole better ball match. There will be 48 teams, 96 total players.

Scoring within the flights will be based on the points earned from the five matches played.  Each match will have a potential point value of 10 (1 point for each hole won, ½ point for any halved holes, and 1 bonus point for winning your match).  Though similar to match play, you will still play all nine holes of the match regardless of how many holes you have won and how many holes are remaining to be played.  If there are any ties at the completion of the round robin matches we will use the head to head scoring of the tied teams to determine the flight winner.  If the tie remains unbroken , the team with the highest single match point total will advance.

Death Flight
For those teams that have a miserable first day and find themselves “dead” after 27 holes, we’re giving you a second chance.  After day one, all teams that find themselves in last place within their flight will be relocated to the Death Flight.  In this new 8 team flight you are competing against other “dead” teams with similar point totals all vying for the last remaining spot in the shootout.  Only scores on Sunday count in this flight.

Our eight flight winners and one Death Flight winner will compete in a 3 hole Shootout to determine the overall Member-Guest Champion.  The competition will take place on holes 10, 11 & 14 from the same tees used during Sunday’s round.  However, the Death Flight representatives will play from the Championship tees, behind the rest of the field.  The format of the shootout will be true alternate shot, using 60% of the A players handicap and 40% of the B’s to determine the teams total handicap.  Team’s handicaps will also be netted off the lowest handicap team in the shootout, adjusting after each hole played.  The 4 highest scores will be eliminated after the 10th  hole and the 3 highest after 11th hole.  Ties on these holes will be broken by a 100 yard shot taken by the player next in the team’s rotation.  The final two teams will play the 14th hole until a winner is determined.

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