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Let's Dig It! - Drilling the Well, Safety Measures for the Community

Let’s Dig It!
Drilling the Well, Safety Measures for Community
Updates for Building the Lakes Well!


This is the second of a series of articles dedicated to keeping the membership and community informed and safe as the new Well build continues.
WBVGC has selected the driller (Arizona Beeman Drilling), the well permit has been issued by the AZ Department of Water Resources (ADWR) and the excavation of the site has been completed. Somewhere around the 19th to the 22nd of  September the site will be prepped for the digging portion of our Well.

It is going to get noisy and messy at the site location.  Before the drilling begins, 16-foot high sound panels will be placed around the area (see the blue line in the picture below).  Once the primary drilling rig has been mobilized there will be 3-6 weeks of 24/7 activity behind those walls.

A large part of the Lakes Golf Course parking lot will be dedicated to construction vehicles, equipment and safety zones (see red markings on picture below).  There will be a fire hydrant hose stretched across the parking lot from the hydrant to the Well construction site.  
Entry to the parking lot will be restricted to the West (Bistro) entrance. Parking is "first come, first serve". The Lakes Recreation Parking Lot is available for parking during the construction for Golfers, Tennis players and Sunset Bistro patrons. Please be alert while crossing the road and walking through the parking lot to your destination.  It is recommended you just park across the street to begin with versus driving through to see if a spot is available.  If you see there is a spot from the roadway, then drive on in slowly and claim your spot.
The horseshoe pits have been removed, the tree marked with an X in the picture below has been removed and another tree trimmed back to prevent damage.  The HOA and the Golf Club will work together in replacing trees, shrubs, plants etc to beautify the area when all the construction is done. Meanwhile, please pay attention to and respect the construction area restrictions for parking and walking. 
For those with a deeper Well curiosity (pun intended), below is picture of what the “hole in the ground” will require to become a Well.  We are drilling down 1000 feet with a 20” diameter to the aquifer.  Take a moment and examine the products that go into keeping the hole "a hole" and to protect the pump that will be placed inside the casing.
The purpose of our Well is to provide irrigation water to the golf course and our HOAs.  We would like to pump as much water as possible in the least amount of time and within our Acre Feet (AF) water allocation.  So without making you a well expert (Clear Creek Associates provides that knowledge and experience), the stated purpose for our Well, along with aquifer limits and state requirements, guide the well design and the selection of products that will support our purpose.  
Meanwhile, this is an exciting time for Westbrook Village and the Golf Club.  With this new Well, we have the ability to continue the Water Lease Program with our Village HOAs and continue to have a consistent and uninterrupted water supply source for the Lakes Golf Course for years to come.   Westbrook Village Golf Club members (owners) are residents of the Village too.  Our property values are tightly linked with the success of the Golf Club. Originating HOA documents prohibit financial support from our HOA funds.  However, if each home donated just $100 a year, the Golf Club and our Community would be partners in ensuring continued property value growth. Your donations would support the costs of the water features, trees, plants, xeriscape projects, and the Well,  just to name a few.  Checks may be mailed to Westbrook Village Golf Club, 19260 N. Westbrook Pkwy, Peoria, Arizona 85382. 
The Club thanks those residents who recently made donations. We hope every home owner in Westbrook Village recognizes how important it is we work in harmony, like the Well and the pump, for the future of our community. 
Please be cautious when you are in and around the Lakes Parking Lot and obey the blockades, taped off areas, no parking restrictions and walkways – they are there to protect YOU!  Thank you for your attention and we apologize for the inconvenience during the Well construction time.  Keep your eye on the target – a new Well for Westbrook Village Golf Club and Westbrook Village.
The next “Let’s Dig It” article will follow the construction progress and offer some FAQ’s around the question of “Why don’t we use City Water?”.

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