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The seed is in!

So the wait and potential frustration is over. The state of Oregon grows 90% of the rye grass seed used by golf courses throughout the South and West. They have been hit by significant drought conditions these past few years.  We were warned that prices were going to soar and quantities could be greatly reduced.
David Escobedo, our Golf Course Superintendent had to pull all his strings to ensure we could get seed, even though many other courses don’t seem to be so fortunate.  As of Thursday we had 65,000 pounds delivered from 3 different sources.  David has verified the quality of seed has met our specifications and our overseed this year will be as good as or even better than last year.

As mentioned above, the cost of seed soared this year with the very short supplies.  We paid an average of $1.97 per pound compared to $1.07 last year.
Fortunately we are in a very strong financial position and able to absorb this additional cost with no effect to the course conditions or operations.
As you may or may not know, we have postponed the requirement of two carts per group that was going to take effect as of October 1.  COVID concerns are still very
serious and we have listened to our membership. Many are still uncomfortable to start riding together in carts.  Please understand this heavy cart usage may cause us to play “Cart Path Only” for a longer period of time this year to preserve the quality of the turf and the golf courses.
Rick Walker & Ray Melton
Golf Committee Co-Chairs
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