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The Golf Club’s 73 year old Well, located in the courtyard of Village Square, is no longer a viable long term option as our water source for the Lakes Golf course. Therefore, Westbrook Village Golf Club has committed to the digging of a new Well that will take approximately 5-6 months construction from start to finish.  September 2020 thru January 2021. This $1.3 M investment will provide continuous and uninterrupted irrigation water supply to both the golf course and the HOA and several subdivisions. 

Residents should know, if we golf or not, our property values are greatly reliant on how well both Westbrook Village Association and Westbrook Village Golf Club partner to ensure our community stays fresh, clean, beautiful, inviting and valued. What many residents are not aware, is the Westbrook Village and Westbrook Village Golf Club’s originating documents, along with Arizona HOA laws, prohibit our HOA provide funding to property of which they do not own.

That’s right.  Westbrook Village Golf Club operations are 100% funded by the Golf Club members.

In 1994 a group of homeowners came together and purchased both the Lakes and the Vistas courses from the builder to prevent the sale to an outside nonresident management company.  Today approximately 10% of our homeowners are members of the Golf Club and it is from that membership revenue that we maintain the beauty of which Westbrook Village and ALL homeowners benefit. 

Westbrook Village HOA does excellent and professional enforcement of the Village’s  CC&R and Architectural and Environmental Standards which keeps our community desirable and valued. The residential areas and Village recreational complexes blend together keeping our property values well above our neighboring communities. The golf course water features, lakes and ponds, trees, colorful desert plants and shrubs against the desert gold rock in xeriscaped areas and the green fairways that meander through the Lakes and Vistas neighborhoods, all create a sense of an Oasis in the Desert. 

In 2015 the Golf Club assisted the HOA and sub HOAs by creating a Water Rights Lease Program which reduced the cost for their irrigation water.  Without a Well, this program would not be possible.

The rules won’t allow financial assistance from the HOA, but they do not prevent our residents from donating to the Golf Club. The Well is a one million dollar plus project and therefore adds new financial requirements to the Golf Club.  Without the Well, there would be no water, without water, there would be no golf course, and without the golf course, our Village won’t be the Oasis in the Desert it is today. 

There are 3900 homes in our Village. If each of the 3900 homes would donate a minimum of $100 per home to the Club annually, that would go a long way to keeping the operational funds needed to keep the water features on, the trees, plants, shrubs beautified, and the fairways green and pristine. 

Each day, more and more residents are learning the Golf Club receives no financial support from the HOA and why,  and believe the value the Golf Club brings to the Village. 

If you want to join those wonderful Village residents and donate to our operational funds you can do so by:

Stopping by the Admin Office located in the Lakes Club House Building,

Calling 623-566-4548 extension 102,
or mailing a check (made out to Westbrook Village Golf Club) to:
19260 N. Westbrook Parkway, Peoria, AZ 85382. 

Thank you for your time and thank you in advance for your donation and support in preserving our Oasis in the Desert!

Where are we?

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Lakes Well Articles

Let's Dig It! - 24 Hour Drilling Begins Soon

This is the third of a series of articles dedicated to keeping the membership and community informed and safe as the new well build continues.
Up Next! 24/7 Drilling
9/30/2020 - Arizona Beeman has mobilized their drill rig to the well site.  They will continue setting up equipment through Saturday and expect to commence drilling Monday October 5th or Tuesday October 6th, at which point they will begin 24-hours-per-day operations.  Once drilling has begun in earnest, Clear Creek will have personnel onsite regularly to assure adherence to the Technical Specifications and to describe and log drilled lithologic cuttings.
What was accomplished prior to rig mobilization. Updates provided by Clear Creek Associates.
9/23/2020 - Surface casing installation commenced today, as planned at the Water Well No. 2 drill site. A 42-inch borehole was drilled to a depth of 39 feet using an auger drill rig (Photo 1). A 40-ft joint of 34-inch diameter steel casing was then hoisted over and lowered into the borehole (Photo 2), such that approximately 1-2 feet of casing remained above ground level. Finally, the annular space between the 42-inch borehole wall and 34-inch casing was filled with a cement slurry (Photo 3). Once the far larger rotary drill rig is onsite, drilling of the pilot borehole will commence at a depth of 39 feet (from the bottom of this surface casing) using a 16- or 17-inch diameter bit.
A total of 12 cubic yards of cement were installed today. One additional load of cement will be delivered and installed tomorrow morning in order to top off the cement seal - the sand and gravel sediments adjacent to the borehole were slightly more porous and absorbent than what was assumed when estimating the necessary volume. Arizona Beeman should finish installing the sound panels and perimeter fencing by Friday, and they anticipate being ready to bring the drill rig onsite early next week.

9/24/2020 - The surface casing cement seal was successfully installed to the designed level this morning using an additional 5 cubic yards of cement grout. AZ Beeman will continue installation of sound panels and security fencing through tomorrow, and we still anticipate the mobilization of the drill rig early next week.

9/28/2020 - Arizona Beeman has successfully installed sound-dampening panel walls around the drill site and is currently mobilizing equipment. They anticipate moving the drill rig onsite tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday. Depending on onsite progress over the next couple of days, we should soon have an estimate on when drilling will commence.

The areas in gray depict the completed processes from the Flow Chart for Drilling A Well.

Informational Video

Let's Dig It! - Drilling the Well, Safety Measures for the Community

Let’s Dig It!
Drilling the Well, Safety Measures for Community
Updates for Building the Lakes Well!


This is the second of a series of articles dedicated to keeping the membership and community informed and safe as the new Well build continues.
WBVGC has selected the driller (Arizona Beeman Drilling), the well permit has been issued by the AZ Department of Water Resources (ADWR) and the excavation of the site has been completed. Somewhere around the 19th to the 22nd of  September the site will be prepped for the digging portion of our Well.

It is going to get noisy and messy at the site location.  Before the drilling begins, 16-foot high sound panels will be placed around the area (see the blue line in the picture below).  Once the primary drilling rig has been mobilized there will be 3-6 weeks of 24/7 activity behind those walls.

A large part of the Lakes Golf Course parking lot will be dedicated to construction vehicles, equipment and safety zones (see red markings on picture below).  There will be a fire hydrant hose stretched across the parking lot from the hydrant to the Well construction site.  
Entry to the parking lot will be restricted to the West (Bistro) entrance. Parking is "first come, first serve". The Lakes Recreation Parking Lot is available for parking during the construction for Golfers, Tennis players and Sunset Bistro patrons. Please be alert while crossing the road and walking through the parking lot to your destination.  It is recommended you just park across the street to begin with versus driving through to see if a spot is available.  If you see there is a spot from the roadway, then drive on in slowly and claim your spot.
The horseshoe pits have been removed, the tree marked with an X in the picture below has been removed and another tree trimmed back to prevent damage.  The HOA and the Golf Club will work together in replacing trees, shrubs, plants etc to beautify the area when all the construction is done. Meanwhile, please pay attention to and respect the construction area restrictions for parking and walking. 
For those with a deeper Well curiosity (pun intended), below is picture of what the “hole in the ground” will require to become a Well.  We are drilling down 1000 feet with a 20” diameter to the aquifer.  Take a moment and examine the products that go into keeping the hole "a hole" and to protect the pump that will be placed inside the casing.
The purpose of our Well is to provide irrigation water to the golf course and our HOAs.  We would like to pump as much water as possible in the least amount of time and within our Acre Feet (AF) water allocation.  So without making you a well expert (Clear Creek Associates provides that knowledge and experience), the stated purpose for our Well, along with aquifer limits and state requirements, guide the well design and the selection of products that will support our purpose.  
Meanwhile, this is an exciting time for Westbrook Village and the Golf Club.  With this new Well, we have the ability to continue the Water Lease Program with our Village HOAs and continue to have a consistent and uninterrupted water supply source for the Lakes Golf Course for years to come.   Westbrook Village Golf Club members (owners) are residents of the Village too.  Our property values are tightly linked with the success of the Golf Club. Originating HOA documents prohibit financial support from our HOA funds.  However, if each home donated just $100 a year, the Golf Club and our Community would be partners in ensuring continued property value growth. Your donations would support the costs of the water features, trees, plants, xeriscape projects, and the Well,  just to name a few.  Checks may be mailed to Westbrook Village Golf Club, 19260 N. Westbrook Pkwy, Peoria, Arizona 85382. 
The Club thanks those residents who recently made donations. We hope every home owner in Westbrook Village recognizes how important it is we work in harmony, like the Well and the pump, for the future of our community. 
Please be cautious when you are in and around the Lakes Parking Lot and obey the blockades, taped off areas, no parking restrictions and walkways – they are there to protect YOU!  Thank you for your attention and we apologize for the inconvenience during the Well construction time.  Keep your eye on the target – a new Well for Westbrook Village Golf Club and Westbrook Village.
The next “Let’s Dig It” article will follow the construction progress and offer some FAQ’s around the question of “Why don’t we use City Water?”.

Westbrook Village Board of Directors


WBVGC Lakes Well - Let's Dig It! - Site Selection

Let’s Dig It!
Site Selection!
Updates for Building the Lakes Well!

The “Let’s Dig It” articles will be dedicated to keeping the membership and community informed as the new Well construction gets underway. Detailed water well information in the “Let’s Dig It” articles are excerpts from the text “The Art of Water Wells” by Marvin Glotfelty, Clear Creek Associates’ Principal Hydrogeologist and our Consultant/Project Manager for the construction of the Lakes Well.
Where will the Well be located?

The current Well site is in the middle of the courtyard of Village Square.  Village Square was built around the old Well.  Each time Well repairs occurred, big rigs had to enter through the courtyard where casings, liners, pipes, pumps, etc were placed on the adjacent ground area. Over the last several years, the Village Square residents have been most understanding with the noise and mess that came with those repairs. Therefore, a new Well site not only considered the construction and future repair needs, but the respect of neighboring homes and the community at large.
The new Well location, as required by Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), must be within 660’ from the existing Well location.  That meant somewhere in this circle.
How does one determine the site location?
It begins with the 660’ radius from the existing Well.  Pulling water from the aquifer, which is complex to say the least, also brings with it below-ground considerations that are not apparent from the ground level. I won’t try to explain the aquifer in these articles for there is abundant information available on the internet via a google search of “Arizona Aquifers”. Clear Creek Associates conducted the required Well Site Study, Well Impact/Spacing Study, and Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) permitting process for replacement Well construction. Suffice it to say, it requires a lot of discussion and state permits to settle on the site that will provide water to the golf course and community into the future years.  
The area located between the tennis courts and Westbrook Parkway, of which is Golf Club property with an agreement between the Club and the HOA for its use for the Tennis Courts and horseshoe pits, fell inside the 660’ circle. The BoD, our consultant and the pump company zeroed in on the best alternative within our restrictions and needs.  Right in the middle of the existing horseshoe pits!
How do we get the water from the Well to the lake?

Underground 12” discharge pipes will cross the parking lot entryways, down the sidewalk, cross the cart path and into the lake. 18” conduit pipes were placed under the parking lot entryways in order to slide the 12”discharge pipes through and under the asphalt. 
What will the Well area in the new site look like when it is complete?

An 8’ privacy wall, approximately 30’x20’, will surround the location of the Well and Well equipment. Two of the four sides will be masonry stuccoed walls and the remaining two sides will be 12’ maintenance gates. The gates will face the parking lot and the tennis courts. The area between the tennis courts and the gate will be xeriscaped for the purpose of a staging area for repair equipment with easy access to the Well. At the parking lot gate, there will be a ramp curb for truck/rig access to the Well.  Corner pillars (like at Village Square) will be located at each corner. All sides and the top of the wall will be painted Stone Beige to match existing walls on Westbrook Parkway. The 8’ wall will provide the necessary height for hiding Well equipment, security and noise abatement. The HOA and the Golf Club are working together to relocate the horseshoe pits and once they are reinstalled and the wall complete, the use of trees, shrubs, bushes etc. will enhance the beauty of this area. 
As you might guess, this is much more complicated than simply digging a hole in the ground. Basically we dig a hole to get to the water under the surface and then we use a pump to pull the water to the surface. This is done by drilling a Borehole (1000’ deep),  securing the earth with a metal casing, filler and concrete, and finally installing a Pump. These are two significantly different components working in harmony to provide maximum gallons of water flow per minute in the least amount of time.  Clear Creek Associates will design the water well that will meet our needs in the site selected.  That will be our next “Let’s Dig It” article.  Well Design and What to Expect.
Meanwhile, this is an exciting time for Westbrook Village and the Golf Club.  With this new Well, we have the ability to continue the Water Lease Program with our Village HOAs and continue to have a consistent and uninterrupted water supply source for the Lakes Golf Course for years to come. Westbrook Village Golf Club members (owners) are residents of the Village too.  Our property values are tightly linked with the success of the Golf Club. Originating HOA documents prohibit financial support from our HOA funds.  However, if each home donated just $100 a year, the Golf Club and our Community would be partners in ensuring continued property value growth. Your donations would support the costs of the water features, trees, plants, xeriscape projects, and the Well,  just to name a few. Checks may be mailed to Westbrook Village Golf Club, 19260 N. Westbrook Pkwy, Peoria, Arizona 85382. 
The Club thanks those residents who recently made donations. We hope every home owner in Westbrook Village recognizes how important it is we work in harmony, like the Well and the pump, for the future of our community.  
Westbrook Village Golf Club Board of Directors

Lakes Well FAQ

Lakes Well
Frequently Asked Questions
Westbrook Village Golf Club has relied on the same water production well for over 70 years, but now that old Lakes well needs to be replaced with a new water supply well. Some frequently-asked questions are answered below, which will hopefully be helpful to clarify this process.
Q.    Where will the new well be located?
A.    The new well must be permitted with the Arizona Department of Water Resources as a “replacement well”, so it must be located within 660 feet of the old well. The most efficient and non-obstructive location was determined to be at east of the Club House building, at the current location of the horseshoe pits just south of the tennis courts. The horseshoe pits will be relocated at a later date.
Q.    How will the well drilling contractor be selected? When will the well drilling begin?
A.    The most cost-competitive drilling company will be selected from a group of eight qualified and experienced well drilling contractors, all of whom are licensed in the State of Arizona. Selection of the well driller is targeted for the end of August. After contract documents are all signed, we anticipate that the well drilling activities will start mid-September.
Q.    How long will it take for the new well construction to be completed?
A.    Large production wells typically require about 6-8 weeks. That work period is uncertain because this type of work involves an interaction with Mother Nature, so there is always the possibility of unanticipated delays or unexpected conditions.
Q.    What work schedule (hours of the day, and days of the week) does the driller plan for its work shifts?
A.    The driller will work in multiple shifts, on a 24-hour per day, 7-days per week schedule. This large water well will extend down through geologic material composed of unconsolidated sand, gravel, or silt (not solid rock). Therefore, the hole for this well will be somewhat unstable. Boreholes are kept open by keeping them full of “drilling fluid” (water and clay mixture, with a few additives) until the steel casing can be installed, but if the driller worked only during daylight hours, he would arrive each morning to find that a portion of the borehole he had drilled the previous day had been filled with sediment that had caved in during the night.
Q.    Will the drilling be noisy throughout the night?
A.    Drilling a well requires equipment to be operated and materials to be handled and moved around, which necessarily makes some noise. However, the construction noise will be contained by temporary 16-foot tall noise attenuation walls on the North, South and East sides of the work site, which the driller will erect before they begin work. We will work very closely with the driller to make every effort to prevent excessive noise during the night.
Q.    I am a resident in this HOA, but not a member of the Golf Club. What benefit do I receive from this turf irrigation well when I don’t play golf?
A.    The Westbrook Village Golf Course is an integral part of our neighborhood that provides the lush setting we all enjoy. Home values are absolutely tied to the fairways that are interwoven through our community, so keeping the green and vibrant appearance of the golf course is a benefit to us all – golfers and non-golfers alike.
Q.    How deep will the well be drilled?
A.    The well will extend to a depth of approximately 1,000 feet below the land surface. That depth is equivalent to a 100-story skyscraper building, turned upside down. The water table beneath our area is approximately 400 feet deep, so the 1,000-foot well depth is needed to pull out the quantities of groundwater we will require for the golf course.
Q.    Are there any risks of over-pumping the groundwater beneath us?
A.    Arizona established the Groundwater Management Act (GMA) back in 1980, which is one of the most forward-thinking and aggressive water management laws in any state. Since Arizona is a desert land, good stewardship and careful planning of our groundwater resources is appropriate. The rules of the GMA apply to all water users, including us. The GMA provides the goal that our groundwater aquifers are in “safe yield”, which will safeguard the water supply for our area.

Lakes Well Update 8/11/2020

Lakes Well Update
On July 31st  at 9:00 a.m. Empire Pump reinstalled the pump and sand separator and turned the old pump back on.  As of 6 August the old well is pumping water at between 888-930 Gallons Per Minute (GPMs). Remember, this well is 73 years old and reliance on this well is no longer a viable option.
On August 5th the proposal was signed for Clear Creek Associates to begin the process.
On August 6th Clear Creek started their engines with pre-construction work.

Click Here to View the Well Installation Flow Chart

On 6 August members of the Board of Directors discussed the models for membership contributions to fund the cost of financing the new Well.  Great consideration was given to those models that we believe will protect membership retention and future new member recruitment thereby securing revenue and guaranteeing payment of the loan in the shortest period of time.  

Facts that played into the discussions and final selection:

  • The Well is a 50 year asset and in fairness to our current and future membership we wanted a model that “spread the wealth” and responsibility for years to come but NOT take 20 or 30 years to accomplish.
  • We wanted a model that allowed our operational, capital and APF budgets to function without disruption.
  • We wanted a model that did not pull a high cash amount from the pockets of our members and future members.
  • We wanted a model that would minimize membership loss.
  • We wanted a model that stayed within our Bylaws not to exceed $500 per year for an assessment.
  • We wanted a model that could allow the loan to be paid off in minimal time.
The model selected meets the criteria we set out for the Board of Directors.  Your invoices will be sent out soon and they will reflect a 5% dues increase which will be dedicated to the Well Payment Fund.  Based on today’s membership numbers we anticipate the loan will be paid off in 7-10 years. This model distributes payment obligations across all of our membership categories for current and future members. It also is less expensive on our members than a $500 per year assessment.  In fact, when you break down the 5% on the membership categories, over the year the weekly increase range is as low as $3.11 to the highest of $6.91. You can’t get a Starbucks coffee for that amount!

On August 13, Jim Mckenna, Terry Bice and Jill Riedel will meet with the Chase Bank representative to discuss financing options. We are requiring a $1.3M loan.  The membership payback model selected, we expect, will show a sound financial strength to continue the Club’s forward growth and safely cover monthly debt expense.  
We are preparing for our October overseed. The closer we get to October, with the old Well performing as needed, the easier, and less expensive it will be.  In case the need arises for continued use of City Water we will remain hooked up to the hydrants until the new Well is operational.  Timing is everything on this event.
This is OUR Club.  Membership dues are the number one source of revenue. The sooner we commit to our continued ownership with the payment of our annual dues, the sooner we can move forward with managing the budgetary decisions necessary to keep our club operating at the level we all expect and appreciate. The Board of Directors willingly dedicate an enormous amount of their time working to ensure the financial stability of our Club and the quality of our course and facilities. We don’t ask much of our members except to get out there and have a good time with your friends on the golf course. This is what we must ask of you – Membership Dues are due no later than 31 September 2020 for ALL Memberships.  This year, more than ever before, we all need to honor that deadline.
We will continue to provide updates as progress continues.

WBVGC Board of Directors

Business Associate Members

We are a membership based Arizona golf club providing an amazing experience for your golf lifestyle.

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